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My name is Tyler McKee and this is my website.

I'm a carpenter by trade and I have too many hobbies to list.
The bulk of content here is painting but there's also some geometry, woodworking, baking... really anything that I think is fun enough to write about might end up here.
I try to keep the content useful - or at the very least interesting - so it tends to be sparse.

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3/6/9 - Super Simple Snake Juice

Round 1 Last year during Lent I got into fasting. I had done OMAD before but I did some real fasts for the first time - a few 36s, 48s, and one 72. Working up to my three day I had some issues with electrolytes. At first I wasn’t getting enough (fatigue). Then I found out what happens when you get too much (bathroom emergency). But by the end of the season I’d figured out enough of a schedule to try a 5 day fast over the summer.