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Sunday May 7, 2023

New Site

I’ve made a new site for personal stuff. Hosting images of my work is my one excuse for retaining an Instagram account. I have my other site but that one is pretty strictly woodworking and it would be kind of off brand to start posting random projects on it. The added benefit of the new site is that I’ve got this neat blog system. Maybe I’ll actually write something with it? Anyways, I’m still working on getting this thing fully operational (and pretty). I’m gonna be pretty casual with these first few posts and they’ll double as tests. Once I’m more or less done with the web-dev side of this then we’ll see about generating some interesting content.

Current plan

I heard a saying once; “If you want to make God laugh - make plans”.

The site currently has 3 sections: blog, gallery, and library.

The blog is going to be for traditional blog content (updates, short articles, random thoughts) and potentially the occasional essay.

The gallery will be for completed projects. I’ll start to migrate some of the photos from the old site over this week. Ideally I’ll have a more in depth along with each gallery item but thats still TBD. Theres some grey area between the gallery and the blog sections. Does it make more sense for them to be segregated by content (visual vs text) or finish (large projects/essays vs notes/sketches)?

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