Fail: Painting a Big Puddle

Thursday May 11, 2023

Started good but now looks bad

The pencil drawing looked decent but after painting I think the blue is too much. My colors are disjointed. The background is very orange and it clashes with the foreground. I need to pick one temperature for the focal point and pivot the secondary temperature off of that.

The canvas is also too wide. The thumbnail I drew is closer to square. There are a lot of horizontal lines from the different layers in the scene which follow the flow of the canvas too much. It feels very rigid. I need to either get a more squat canvas or mess with the proportion of some of the fields. Maybe something to break up the linear feel.

Another thing is that there is no real focal point. When I was on site I remembered both the color of the trees on the other side of the field as well as the puddle in the forground. Really they should be 2 separate paintings. I need to either cut out or greatly reduce the area of the puddle or the area of the trees. Right now they are competing for attention.

Tags: art , fail

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