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Painting with Naphtha

Saturday July 22, 2023

Painting of a stream

I did a little plein air yesterday to try out using naphtha as a solvent in the under layer. It worked pretty well. It dries very fast so I had no problems with lifting the paint from the block in. I think I’ll keep using naphtha for a while and then switch back to turp to see if I notice a difference. Both solvents dry significantly faster than OMS and are suitable for alla prima layering. I haven’t found much information online about people using naphtha which leads me to suspect that turp is better. But I haven’t found anything about it being bad either so I’ll just have to learn the hard way if it sucks. Anyways, so far so good. If anyone knows anything about naphtha vs turp as a painting solvent let me know!

Update on my thoughts on solvents

Tags: art , oil , plein-air